Welcome to Nanotick!

Nanotick is an on-demand high resolution historical market data service that captures every market data feed packet broadcast with the unique advantage of having both exchange send time and receive time at co-location with atomic clock precision.


Nanotick on-demand high resolution historical market data service.

Nanotick captures every market data feed packet broadcast from the CME Group CME, NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT exchanges via the MDP 3.0 feed with atomic clock precision.

In the world of High Frequency Trading have lossless nanosecond precision data is essential to successful back testing of any trading and execution strategy

The Nanotick offerings provide extracted historical data artefact types of market data feeds for specific use cases:

  • Nanotick by Exchange for those who need historical market data for a specific venue.
  • Nanotick by Product Complexes for those who need historic data for every future and option contract within specific market segments irrespective of the source exchange.
  • Nanotick by Data Type for those are looking for specific data format types by any Exchange or Product.

Subscribing to the Nanotick services eliminates the need to invest the time and money in implementing and maintaining internal market data storage infrastructure. Nanotick provides full resolution market data on an on-demand basis so that you can concentrate on what you do with the data.